Fee Protection Services

Every year, HMRC conducts investigations into thousands of businesses and individuals and in recent years as you may have seen in the media, its specialist task-forces have been targeting specific trades, industries, cities and towns with more investigations planned. 

Of course it’s important to keep good records, but nothing that you or we (as your accountant) can do will guarantee immunity from investigation.  Even if the investigation reveals no additional tax liability, the time spent answering enquiries and dealing with HMRC may incur professional fees running into thousands of pounds.

Working in partnership with CCH, we are able to provide a Fee Protection Service to all our clients, which will cover all our professional fees in dealing with a HMRC enquiry into your affairs. The scheme provides numerous other benefits including a Business Support Helpline at no extra cost, and many of our clients have already joined the service.

The scheme brings additional benefits as follows:-

  • Cover of up to £100,000 of professional fees per HM Revenue & Customs intervention.
  • Cover includes professional fees incurred in respect of full and aspect enquiries, VAT compliance checks, business record checks and employer compliance checks, cross tax enquiries, discovery investigations plus several other areas.
  • Access to telephone advice from one of the country’s leading providers of business advice in respect of employment and personnel, health and safety and commercial legal issues.
  • Available at a cost of 11.5% plus VAT of your annual accountancy fee, restricted to a maximum of £330 plus VAT and a minimum charge of £65 plus VAT.

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